My Setup

Posted on May 19, 2020


I have one laptop and one PC at home but I only use my laptop [HP Pavilion 15-au620tx] as a daily driver. It’s a nice machine with a i5-7200U processor, 8 gigs ram and a nvidia 940mx for gaming.

I also have a Zenfone Max Pro M2. For listening, I use Skullcandy Uproar.


My software of choice is very minimal. I like things to do what they are supposed to do, nothing less, nothing more. I run gentoo linux with nomultilib/hardened profile. I use suckless software like dwm, st, dmenu, slock to handle my daily needs - if you don’t know what they are check them out. My browser of choice is hardened firefox with tips from privacytools.

You need a bloated browser to browse the bloated web - Luke Smith

Some more tools that I regularly use - cmus for music, bash as my shell, zathura for PDFs, pass for managing passwords, weechat for IRC, aerc for mail.

For pentesting, I use blackarch in virtualbox with just the tools that I need.


Coming to my android setup - I use LineageOS with microG patches because the name OpenGApps is very misleading. My browser of choice for android is bromite (which is pretty much degoogled chromium). I use F-Droid for installing additional apps. For most of my social media, I use PWAs. I also have Aurora Store installed just for whatsapp (mostly for my uni groups). Lawnchair is my launcher of choice. Sometimes I do ROM-hoping (i don’t even know if that’s a thing). To make other ROMs degoogled, I use nanodroid patches or minMicrog.

Some other apps that I use - K9 for mail, feeder for RSS feeds, Infinity for reddit, Revolution IRC for IRC, Go Player for music, newspipe for youtube, OsmAnd for directions, PasswordStore for passwords, termux as terminal.

That’s it for today, Peace